JYC: December 3 – Updated Below

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Here is my layout for today’s Prompt, I promise to be a little more chatty later right now I am on the hunt for the funniest Christmas Photo Ever, check back later for a good laugh!  I should give credit for some of my digital supplies:  LaWanna Designs, Jessica Sprague, Brusheezy and Ali Edwards Font.


Sometimes you just need a giggle – so here you go!

Let me set the mood.  Two newish parents, two children who have never had their photos taken with Santa.  We had gone out Christmas shopping and had not planned to have photos with Santa.  When we walked into the mall there was no lineup for a photo with Santa.  Being a strong believer in life presenting you with unexpected opportunities, I jumped at the chance to have a photo with Santa.  We paid our money and carefully placed our precious little angels on Santa’s lap.  They were so excited to be there and I think Santa was very thrilled to have them!






A and B at the age of 2 years 1 month

I hope you had a good giggle, I know I do everytime I look at this photo.


JYC: December 2

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Today we talk about the weather.  We live in the Calgary so the weather is always the cause for conversation.  It’s too  cold for summer, to warm for winter, to dry for anything, to much wet snow in the spring.

Here is my layout for JYC.  Our prompt was talk about our weaher, what like for Christmas, in my case I love a snowy Christmas.  I suppose growing up in Canada means a snowy Christmas and for me it is the perfect backdrop to the holidays.  I have also attached my continuation of my Manifest.  (The fonts for my journalling are CK-Ali Edwards).



On another note, I have two little people helping me clean house today.  It is nice that they offer to help, I am not sure how much help it is.  It can take less than 45 seconds to vacume the kitchen floor if you are five years old, who knew.  I, on the other hand, like to give it a good two to five minutes of attention before moving on to the next area.  I find they have reached an age where they only want to help with the chores they want to do.  So they don’t want to pick up their toys, clean their rooms or put away their clean laundry.  I often think, I am tired of cooking their meals, I wonder how long before that doesn’t suit them?  I’m sure I couldn’t outlast the misery that is a starving child but I do wonder if I stopped doing everything I do for them how they’d cope.  That is an experiment for January, not December. 

I did convince them that Santa was doing a “Clean Bedroom” inspection this week and they needed to clean their bedrooms very well yesterday.  I did get the desired result, they worked really hard and did a very fine job for a pair of five year olds.  The downside, when the wind blew in last night and started rattling the house they were scared of Santa and the Reindeer and wouldn’t go to sleep.  Maybe next year Santa should invest in a super-duper high-powered spotting scope he can use from the comfort of his sitting room while sitting next to a roaring fire enjoying Mrs. Claus’ baking!

JYC: Manifesto

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Here is my Manifesto for Shimelle’s JYC class and my completed book cover:



The writing is a little tough to read, this is what it says:

  • To witness the celebration
  • To create art everyday
  • To record the memories
  • To share the joy
  • To celebrate the season
  • To love the excitement
  • To enjoy the wonder in their eyes

I wanted the statements to be simple and to the point.  I could have gone into great detail about each point but I think the page is perfect the way it is. I am playing with the idea of creating a second page that is more like a letter to my family about why these points are important to me; I think it would be a very personal piece for my family to cherish later in life. Also, I am one of those people who likes to see the progress or change of anything overtime; the change in a city, the aging of a building, even the metamorphosis of a person’s creativity. Since I do not scrapbook chronologically, this would be a great marker for where I was creatively each year.

All the photos on the page above were taken by my very wonderful and generous friend:  Pamela Mullins, http://www.mullinsphotogroup.com/ is her link if you would like to view some of her beautiful photographic images.  She is very talented!

As I am typing this I have decided to create a second layout with all the details, this will take me longer since I am not a great wordsmith and want it to be enjoyable to read.  Although bloggin is somewhat like talking to myself; talking things out is a good way to hear what you need to do!

For those of you who are interested, here is my album cover.  I love how old and Christmassy it looks.


Lucky Girl

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I am so pleased – that is a huge understatement!  I won Shimelle’s draw for a refund of my enrollment fee for JYC.  I am so excited that I won something!!!  I have been giddy since I read the news this morning.   Now I am off to get A and B on the bus for school and start my day doing something fun and creative rather than boring and necessary (housework)!  Thank you Shimelle for making my day!


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I titled this post “Gifts” because I have many gifts in my life that I am thankful for; good friends; great parents; a wonderful husband; and fantastic little people!  Day to day it is easy to forget all these blessings when you are trying to keep the house clean and the family on a schedule!

I just returned from a wonderful weekend away sans the little people.  My husband’s employer’s head office is another city so we flew there for the Christmas Party, what fun.  My parents took A and B; we are very lucky they are able to do that for us. 


We had dinner with some good friends whom we hadn’t spent much time with in a long while, it was nice to just visit and enjoy their company.  My friend has had a very sad week, her mom died on Thursday and she is scheduled to deliver her baby next Friday.  I hope I was able to comfort her; she is going through so much right now, more than one person should have to deal with.  The pending birth of her second child and the busy routine of having young kids will keep her busy and with time help ease the sharpness of her grief.  Life gives us amazing gifts when you need them; this new little life is the perfect gift for her right now!


On happier note!  We enjoyed a wonderful Christmas party with fantastic food and great company.  My husband works for an amazing organization and his department is filled with fantastic people.  Last year was our first year attending this function and I left feeling like I had made great friends.  This year gave us time to catch up with those people. 


Tomorrow is December 1!  I am looking forward to the first prompt for JYC.  Since Shimelle is in the United Kingdom and I am in Western Canada, I have a small hope that she’ll send the prompt in the morning in her time zone which is really tonight in my time zone…fingers and toes crossed!  I like to “think” about my journaling.  I like to build in my sleep so if we do get the prompts early in her day that will give me the time my brain wants to think things over! 


Tomorrow is also Parent Teach Conference and DH will be coming to the school with me this time.   A and B will be giving each of us a tour of the classrooms and the work they’ve been doing and things they’ve been learning; they are excited to show Daddy their school.  I volunteer frequently enough that I don’t rate for an excited child for this event; that’s OK I like to observe them with their dad, it will be fun.

Things to Do Today

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I like to spend the last weekend of the November decorating the house for Christmas.  This weekend we are away sans children and pets, which is way better than decorating anything but it means that I need to pull everything out today or tomorrow to get ready for December 1.   Today I am going to set-up (not decorate) the tree with the help and input from A and B, this should be good for a little sibling love-in (insert sarcasm here). 

Do your children fight?   I think mine started fighting before they emerged from the womb.  All that kicking and rolling was their early attempt to find space and time that was all their own.  Now five years later their desire to have all the space and control all the events in the house is even stronger.  A is incredibly independant and sure of herself and B is more of a perfectionist and less quick to pursue what he wants – he frequently loses out on opportunities when his sister is around.  I’m sure they will enjoy the afternoon of Christmas decorating preparation. 

Is your tree up yet?  Do you decorate it all alone or does your family like to be part of the transformation from the boring old house to the sparkly wonderland that Christmas brings into your home?

Why JYC?

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Shimelle gave us a challenge in an email.  We are supposed to tell you why we’ve decided to Journal Christmas. 

If you read my post from yesterday you will see that I want to make Christmas more about memories and less about money.

I want to leave a memory for my children and I want them to have fond memories of Christmas.  I want this to be a new yearly tradition and as A and B get older, they start to do as well. I think that in the future our children will enjoy reading about our past Christmas celebrations and hopefully these little reminders will give them a sense of family and the special place they fit in our family.  A quiet constant reminder of how important they are to us and to each other.


Journal Your Christmas

Journal Your Christmas

I also hope that the people I care about who read this blog find inspiration and begin recording and telling their family stories and cherishing those memories that belong to their families!
If you haven’t taken a peek yet, head over to the link below to see what we are doing!