JYC: December 4

A Perfect Christmas

My Layout is simple to turn the focus to the journalling and the dream of the perfect Christmas.

Here is the journalling:

“Christmas Eve is a quiet day spent with just the four of us and maybe a surprise visitor.  Surprise visitors are a treat because you don’t stress out about them coming over.  I love having Christmas Carols on and maybe spending the afternoon watching a Christmas movie or playing some games.  Supper is a quiet easy affair since we’ll be eating such a large meal tomorrow night. 

 As evening falls and the roads get quiet, maybe we’ll go for a short walk or drive to look at Christmas lights.  Once we are home, we prepare food for Santa and his Reindeer, it’s a long night and they might be hungry.  Afterwards, the kids will open one gift, Christmas PJs.  We will read a Christmas story.  The best part of the night is convincing our excited children to go to sleep.  They are alert to every noise and are sure they hear Santa with every creak of the house and swoosh of a passing car.  I enjoy the wonder and excitement they feel.  We are excited too, we haven’t put any gifts under the tree unless they came from someone else and the kids saw it arrive.  I like preparing the surprise of waking up to a tree loaded with presents.

 Once the kids have fallen asleep, DH and I take out all the gifts.  Slowly we put together the big gifts that won’t be wrapped and need to be put together to make for a perfect Christmas morning.  It is fun to spend the time together making Christmas magical for our kids, each of us enjoying the other’s company.  Once the stockings have been filled and put in the kids’ bedrooms, we will cuddle together, in front of the Christmas tree or the fire and enjoy a glass of wine and linger in the wonder that we have created.  There is something special about the quiet of Christmas Eve that is so unique and cannot be created any other time of year.  I love to stay there in DH’s arms enjoying the peacefulness and thinking about the excitement of the next morning. 

 On Christmas morning, we wake up early; I can hear the kids in their rooms, playing with all the surprises they found in their stockings.  Quietly, we sneak out of bed.  DH will go make coffee; I will turn on the tree.  Once we are ready, we sneak back into bed and start making enough noise for the kids to notice.    Together, they burst into our room, “Santa’s been here, Santa’s been here.”   We tease them and say “No way, we stayed up all night and he never came.” They’ll argue, “No he was here, really here!” and pull us out of bed and race down the hall to the stairs all the while making sure we are still behind them.  DH and I will giggle and laugh, holding hands as we let their excitement infuse our souls. 

 Once down the stairs, we’ll see all the presents Santa left for us.  DH and I will act surprised.  We will tell the kids that we need to get snacks and drinks for opening gifts; all four of us will run to the kitchen.  DH will get the coffee; I’ll grab some fruit and dry cereal to nibble on.  Each of the kids will grab a thermos of milk.  We want to prolong the anticipation as long as possible so DH and I take our time watching the kids jump and dance around the kitchen as they try to hurry us along. 

As we make our way back to the tree, the kids run ahead and make sure we have spots to set up our snacks and to sit down.  Now the hard part; the hunt for the pickle ornament in the tree.  Whoever finds the pickle ornament chooses the first gift to open.  Slowly we each get a turn opening a gift.  As each gift is opened, the kids take time to play with what they’ve opened enjoy the shiny newness of their toys.  Opening gifts is a relaxing and slow event, each of us enjoying the excitement of the unknown. 

 Once the gifts are all opened, we get dressed for the day.  We are not picky, you can wear clean PJs, dress up or go casual; whatever makes you the happiest.  Today is about hanging out and being together not being picture perfect for some formal dinner. 

 I put out lots of healthy snacks and piles of Christmas treats for us to nibble through the day, today is not a day for regularly scheduled meals.  Today we will play board games, watch movies, read stories, and DH will watch football.  I will cook a big Turkey with stuffing and mashed potatoes; we will have gravy and some vegetables.  Dessert will be more Christmas baking.   We may or may not be joined by friends or family, I am happy with whatever company shows up.  It is nice to have special friends and family join us and linger after dinner, each taking turns to help with a new toy or play with a new game.

 After supper, we will unwind with some stories and maybe a bath for the kids.  They will be tired from all the anticipation and excitement of the last 24 hours and fall asleep as soon as their sweet little heads hit the pillow.  As they settle into a long sleep, DH and I end our day cuddling in front of the tree, enjoying a Christmas drink while talking about the fantastic day we had and how blessed we are to be able to give our kids such a magical Christmas.

 This is my perfect Christmas, simple and meaningful!”

And here is the layout:



~ by evolutionofawoman on December 4, 2008.

3 Responses to “JYC: December 4”

  1. Fabulous Journalling! I love it. I wish you a wonderful Christmas again this year.

  2. Your entries are so inspiring!

  3. Love your idea of a perfect Christmas! I’d love to be a surprise visitor at your house! You pages have such a classic feel!!

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