A Case of the Nerves

 Some background:

B is very shy and puts himself through an enormous amount of anxiety when he will going somewhere or doing something new. The kind of anxiety that involves peeling him off my leg or arm. We are working on it but it will be awhile before he gets over it.

Grandma Laurette is my grandma; she died two years ago but the kids talk about her constantly. “A” had a special connection to her and still misses her terribly.

The Story:

Yesterday we were driving to Ikea with the intent to pickup some closet organzing tools and give the kids some time to play at the Magic Forest. They had never been to the magic forest and B was very nervous. As we are driving he begins crying.

“Momma I’m too scared, I all shop with you,” says my scared little man.

“You know, you are just nervous, and that’s OK, Momma gets nervous too. Last week when I flew to Edmonton, I was nervous. I had never flown alone and I wasn’t sure where to go in the airport. I knew Dadda would meet me at the other end so I just kept thinking about how excited I was to see Dadda,” I say hoping this will convince him to try out the magic forest.

B pipes up “Yeah, it’s kind of like when Grandma Laurette died, except you went to Edmonton!”

For those of you unfamiliar, Calgary and Edmonton are always competing. So is Edmonton like Heaven or was it bad I went to Edmonton instead of Heaven! I’m sure many Albertans have a strong opinion either way.

 By the way he did go to the Magic Forest and LOVED it!




~ by evolutionofawoman on December 4, 2008.

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